Partially Ripped for Fractal Chambers


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  1. Energy by Kim Carter on Switched on Eugene (Numero Group) $ Buy
  2. Deal with the Freakin (Intermission) by Solange on When I get home (Columbia) $ Buy
  3. Terror Couple Kill Colonel by Bauhaus on In The Left Field (4AD) $ Buy
  4. Frantic Drift by The Chills on Kaleidoscope Dream (Flying Nun) $ Buy
  5. Stay Home by The Peacers on Introducing the Crimsmen (Drag City) $ Buy
  6. Watch Out by Wells Fargo on Watch Out (-) $ Buy
  7. The Birds by Rick Cuevas (-) $ Buy
  8. The Favor by The Wake (-) $ Buy
  9. Eden by Talk Talk on Spirit of Eden (-) $ Buy
  10. Green Eyes by Chris Cohen on Chris Cohen (Captured Tracks) $ Buy
  11. Don't You Feel Me by Damon on Song of a Gypsy (-) $ Buy
  12. Impressions of Susan by John Fahey on Days Have Gone By Vol. 6 (-) $ Buy
  13. Sombre Reptiles by Brian Eno on Another Green World (-) $ Buy
  14. Birchbark Letter by Willie Mitchell and the Desert River Band on Native North America (Vol. 1( (Light in the Attic) $ Buy
  15. Honesty Is No Excuse by Thin Lizzy on Thin Lizzy (-) $ Buy