Partially Ripped No 14


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  1. She's A Rainbow by Gunns on - (Spinning Top Music) $ Buy
  2. MG 333 by Richard Swift on Walt Wolfman (Secretly Canadian) $ Buy
  3. Still Alive by Jeff Zagers on Still/Alive (Wharf Cat) $ Buy
  4. Sgoraet (Burning Down) by Kedr Levinaksiy on Sgoraet (Burning Down) - Single (2MR) $ Buy
  5. Circles by The Soft Moon on The Soft Moon (Captured Tracks) $ Buy
  6. Can You Really Feel It (Sleepy Version) by Young Marco on Biology (ESP Institute) $ Buy
  7. The Missing Boy by The Durutti Column on LC (Factory) $ Buy
  8. I Could Be Happy by Altered Images on Pinky Blue (Epic) $ Buy
  9. To Turn You On by Roxy Music on Avalon (-) $ Buy
  10. Hita Famba Moyeni by Paul Ndlovu (-) $ Buy
  11. Get Out by Bamu Express (-) $ Buy
  12. Thirteenth Floor by The Victor Dimisich Band on The Victor Dimisich Band (Flying Nun) $ Buy
  13. Handlebars by The Desperate Bicycles (-) $ Buy
  14. Melody In High Feedback by Cavern of Anti-Matter on void beats/invocation trex (-) $ Buy
  15. Wall Watcher by Sunflower Bean on Human Ceremony (Fat Possum) $ Buy
  16. Salvation by Shirley Said (-) $ Buy
  17. Button Up by Sheer Mag on Sheer Mag (Katorga Works) $ Buy
  18. Night Beats by Power Child on Who Sold My Generation (Heavenly) $ Buy
  19. Free The Freaks by CCR Headcleaner on Fuzz/CCR Headcleaner Split 7" (Famous Class) $ Buy
  20. Set It On Fire by The Scientists on Blood Red River (Au Go Go/Numero Group) $ Buy
  21. The Science Test by Kim & Leanne on True West (Burger) $ Buy
  22. I Need Noise by Second Layer on World of Rubber (Dark Entries) $ Buy
  23. Adult/ery by Scars on Adult/ery / Horrorshow (First Product) $ Buy
  24. After Dark by The Flowers on Confessions / [Life] After Dark (Pop Aural ) $ Buy
  25. Firehorse by Party Day on Glasshouse (Party Day Records) $ Buy
  26. Like 1000 Violins by One Thousand Violins on Halcyon Days (Dreamworld) $ Buy
  27. Sensitive by The Field mice on Sensitive / When Morning Comes To Town (Sarah Records) $ Buy