Special Fractal Chambers

This one goes out to the lovely ladies of Fractal Chambers!


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  1. Patience by Life Tones on For A Reason (Light in the Attic) $ Buy
  2. Glider by My Bloody Valentine on Glider EP (-) $ Buy
  3. There Must Be a Better Life by Biff Bang Pow! on Pass The Paint Brush, Honey... (Burger (reissue)) $ Buy
  4. Part Company by The Go-Betweens on Spring Hill Fair (Sire) $ Buy
  5. Thoughts of you by Magic Bullets on Lying Around 7" (Mon Amie) $ Buy
  6. Stay Lit by Cleaners From Venus on My Back Wages (Captured Tracks) $ Buy
  7. Aya Mood by Lizzie Mercier Descloux on Press Color (Light In The Attic) $ Buy
  8. Energy by Positive Noise on Positive Negative (Statik) $ Buy
  9. Drip Dry Eyes by Yukihiro Takahashi on Neuromantic (Alfa) $ Buy
  10. This Kind of World by William Onyeabor on Anything You Sow (Wilfilms Limited/Luaka Bop) $ Buy
  11. Wede Harer Guzo by Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band on Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band (Awesome Tapes From Africa) $ Buy
  12. El Desafio by Los Ecos (-) $ Buy
  13. New Age (Long Version) by The Velvet Underground on Loaded (-) $ Buy