Fractal Chambers 12/3 Edition


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  1. From The Dead by Shintaro Sakamoto on Don't Know What's Normal (Zelone Records) $ Buy
  2. Morning Song by Leon Lowman on Liquid Diamonds (-) $ Buy
  3. Smiling Faces by East of Underground on Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1968-1974 (Wax Poetics) $ Buy
  4. Brown Rice by Don Cherry on Brown Rice (-) $ Buy
  5. I'm Not Ready For Love by Promise on Home Schooled: The ABC's of Kids Soul (Numero Group) $ Buy
  6. I Don't Care by Final Solution on Brotherman (Numero Group) $ Buy
  7. Baby Blue by The Chocolate Watchband on The Inner Mystique (-) $ Buy
  8. Shebeen Qeen by Rikki Illilonga (-) $ Buy
  9. Sister Brother by F.J. McMahon on Spirit of the Golden Juice (-) $ Buy
  10. It's Not Easy by Ofege on Try and Love (His Master's Voice) $ Buy
  11. My Sentiment by Universal Togetherness Band on Universal Togetherness Band (Numero Group) $ Buy