Mike Donnelly


The "frontman" of Twin Peaks Sessions, I am a New Jersey born grunge kid turned Bay Area scene bean. Building community within safe spaces is what I strive for, and I firmly believe you can turn anything into a DIY music venue.


Recent Broadcasts

EP. 39: Spooky Bois (Part 3)


Doomy dance gloom in this one. It's party time.Spooky spotlight new track from Sespool! Also the shows cover photoBandcamp only track from Grave Next Door (Michigan)Part 4 next week! October is still fun. @twinshrieks / @twinpeakssessions on IG @twinpeakssesh Twitterrr Read More →

EP. 38: Spooky Bois (Part 2)


We bacc for moar, n we still spooky. Spooky Bois part two: Tuesday (Friday) the 13th. New trax from 2020 shriekers Sarchasm + Greyhound, also Militarie Gun, Mindforce, Bib, and Bandcamp only demo from Love Roses (RVA). Next week we bring out the spooky doomy dance gloom. @twinshrieks… Read More →

EP. 37: Spooky Bois (Part 1)


We unveil the coveted Spooky Bois playlist o0o0o0o hello October. Doom and gloom all day errday. Pictured, me, @scrawnzz, as Patrick Bateman. We also guest star Patrick Bateman himself. SPOOKY SPOTLIGHT: Impulse Control, support Almeda fire relief!New trax by Kevin Nichols, Rain of Salvation, DRUJ, n Anime… Read More →