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Returning from his deep space mission to Kepler Eriandi, Steve Foxx finds his nation in shambles and in the hands of fascists. Assembling a team of rock and roll heavy hitters; he pledges to the free peoples of America to broadcast freedom, information and rock music until his dying breath.

  • Saturday 7:00 – 8:00am


  • HOW THIS ALL BEGAN Babies;  I get it. I didn't do those deep space missions for my health, I did it for country. And for mankind.

    60 mins

  • Just celebrate.  We'll get back to the news after this here bottle of champagne. -FOXX

    60 mins

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  • This episode could be called exhausted. I'm recording as late on Friday as I can take it. I'll update you as best as I can and…

    60 mins

  • Tuesday is upon us.  Election Day is upon us.  History has found us. America you got this.  Go vote in numbers like this nation has never…

    60 mins

  • Have you done everything you could to defeat the fascist regime of Donald J Trump? That's the question we have to ask ourselves from this minute…

    60 mins

  • Seventeen days to rally. 17 days. Vote to keep your republic 17 days. Vote for your Sisters. 17 days. Vote for Sanity. 17 days. Vote.  That's…

    S4 E135 60 mins

  • The election is now! Now. And we may not see a result the night of the final votes on November 3rd, but we must get tall…

    60 mins

  • So the show is taped on Friday afternoon. And as I type this Cult 45 is headed to Walter Reed hospital with fever from COVID 19.

    60 mins

  • Exhale. Justice Ginsburg is dead. But we shall not fret. We won't wring our hands. Now is the time to fight. More than ever. We have…

  • This week, WTFU remembers a Summer lost.  A Summer where thousands of Americans died from COVID. More than ever we need to rock out, rock hard…

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